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April 24, 1998

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Holfis Brookline Journal, Friday, April 24, 1998 Page 15  ii;iii •  . NIS. 5"8". lOys tme with friends, 3 g,  cortoers, ma . honest, attractive, rnatori. !OFGAImS ¥ acltiss. Seeks independent SBM. L for poes LTR. vvhoisdow ,45-65. N/S, thr ror Senks IJace O36 i, altracSve, ymmg-lenng. Friondi EACALLI  #ing ant, ISD attractive Ol , spordammus. Are you Mr, Pmr tlmmr, apwa.ISO i to BrokawlPont Newman/Bob pa.noom Ad# 1244 .N/ v CO,WANT 0at es'/eyS, goud senae of humur, most L Cdlif your humor. Ad//4785 z, te= rn;ng. Sonking Ioy tt-  cleibom. Ad# 4786 , cari, outgoing, strsightf or- s. Sesks romormc DI ucNS. ;AWAnmG Seeks f1133 IWOUFn  YW mgondod adM,302, "Wn • shoring. ,bhmd. of n expert any :nal ut... at old,176 9 Der minute art least or oer.) Your FREEI COUL(} THIS BE YO(}? YounG-lednG SWF. 50. IS0 D/SWM. 50.60.6', humorsos, goed-heartap, am. A20e3 EUROPEAN LADY Romaotic WWPF, 46, 5'3", 1251bs., N/S, one san. 15, classical musician. byes rnad. Oking. skatkxj.  tra. Ad#4591} AWAITING YOUR CALL SWF, 32, 4'6% 11 bs., bimeyad, brunette, enjoys bowiin 9, dining, classic ra und sodding. |SD spemonenus, raruerek: ond t.minded SWM, 2542. Ad# 3314 PROFESSIORAL LADY 0WPf. 41, 5'4", 1151bs., weft-educated, onorgeSc, childlsss, Iovec the out. doors, entertsir 9, 5re. Seeks intelligont, sensitive, N/S, to run with me. Ad 4507 LOOKING FOR ROMANCE SWF, 19, N/S, passionate, hardworking, honest. IS0 romantic, fibencially secure SWM, 19-28, for goad times, possible LTR. Ad# 4505 LET'S GET TOGETHER SWF, 33, chess, N/S, orys conkinG, marling. Iongleng. IS[] SWM, 3043, w's rorTlt ic r friendship, possible reibSonship. Ad# 3348 ARE YOU OUT THERE? SWF, 37. smoker, attractive, intellt, enjoys photography, music, arls, movies, travel, iS0 SWM. 38-55, to songle, friendship, possible LTR. Ad# 2303 LETS GET TOGETHER F, 53. loves pets. blue-eyed, brawn hair. Seeks M, 21. Ad# 4506 COMMUNICATION SWF. 42, childless, vueg-raonhe(L stndenL loving. IS(] cornpasionato, cunlnt- meor.minderi SM. 35-46, to share 5fe/draams, NIS. LT8. Ad# 1707 kids, ARE YOU SINCERE7 DWF, 43, brown hakA oujoys dm9 ouL muvibs, traseL crafts, conking. IGO won'n-heaad, trustworthy, wty SWM, 44-49, undor 5'6", unds 16 Friendship, pas.le LTR. Ad# 3429 CARING SENSITIVE SWF. yo 50. S. seato dkor, ewpys masic, deacinG the som ming oct. IS0 honest SWM. 48-58, simior quatitios, tridndship fL Ad# 4502 UZ TAYLOR EYES WIWF. 48, fult-figored, vibrant, pretty, taft, xy. s/p, secure, runic, eoys arts. sports, eceon. Seeking handsome, t. husky SWM, 6' +. A(M 4775 LOVE NEW EXPERIENCES DWPF, 4US, 5"T, blond heir. brown-eydo. Intle[gm bonesL compes4donat integrity, humor. Values same in DWPM, tal, 40s-50s, passion for life. Ad# 4501 sER DW F, mid.60s, st tractive, f Ldl-fad. N/S, henaat, ro. Eni  dining, hogs. Ideses. ISO DWM, 00.62, who sppesc e goed wnmen. Ad 4773 TIME CAN TELL SWF, btna-pyed blond. 5'2", 37, mLmcid, patueaate, sotgomg.iSO SWPM, 38 *, =i€ o¢imlsbo, dnandor¢ mi 's sim pt=n  pessiie LTR. Ad# 4500 TAKE THE CHANCEl SWF, 35, smoker, S morn, ontdonrsy and cerebral, fan and easygoing. ISO SWM, 30-50, 5'10" *, with Mains, brawn and bravado. Ad# 3752 SEACDASTAREA Fun, reliable, sensitive, supportive SWF, 37, smoker, enjoys the outdoors, • r. r=i,  rmg.lSO con. het, cud SWM, 3344. Ad# 2617 SLADY SWPF, N/S. 50, 5'2", eyes of blue. petite, enmgoSc, brighL cadnG. Oi,,'se interssts. Seeks honest, fon4oving, affoctienate mate. AdS 4499 CONCORO AR£A WWWF, 49, attractive, romantic. N/S, enjoys aoknats, tra. hiking, roman evenings. ISO SWM, 45-53, aid-fashidnad values, N/S, financially secoce, skni intomsts. LTR. Ad//4493 LAKES REGION AREA Yn handsome to roe. intolligontil  outgoa, party-typa, to wlek he,do mu. Cailma. you'H enjoy the cooverseSo smok, pratty. Ad 4495 END MY QUEST WF. 27, 5'. brown.e,ed, pauaonate, thsoghtful, siocare, llkes hiking, horsen. walks, dtiues. ISO WRI, 27-40. sacsre, henasL hemorous, fun, If e.le.Ang. Ac 3959 ARE WE A MATCH? WF. 27, goed4sokinG, likes the out doors, dk,nG sot, movibs, iSD WM. 25`35, N/S, uemtive, romantic, for friendship, passible LTR. Ad# 1477 NATURE'S BEAUTY WF, 23. 5'3". 108. gmueyed, brunet attraclive, cer warad. likes the beach, dancing. IS(} WM. 21-30. N/S. romantic, warm, humorous. Ad# 1760 EYE ON THE FUTURE WF, 45. 5'4", positive, trusiworthy, honest, likes doing, music. ISO WM, 18-56, N/S, 5'10" *, essygoin 9. 0entle, non*viokmt, Port Smit hfCen¢ordJ Raymond wsa. Ad# 2817 AVAILABLE SOON.. WF, 50, 5'5", propmlidnato, fdendly, sonsiti hemubody, ik bsin hoof ing, ptays, dancing, cookibg. IS0 WM, 45-55, N/S, humorous, CarinG. ton- lovinG. Ad# 1680 LAKESREGHIN LADY 0WF. 45.11Bibs.. sotgo|lg, thought ful. seame, secure, mothor of two tsars. looking to share laughter, fun. alllife has to offer. AdS 4490 LETS BE A FAMILY together. Single morn, one son, 38, 5'4", 1201bs., enjoys hornalile, dining. Seeks Mr. Right for dating, fun, passble LTR. Ad# 4409 SEERS COMPANIONSHIP SWF. 62. enloys sot dsor entire, cords, dr, ing, teafr.g, cultwal overr tr a. 190 compatible 0/$WM. 55.67, 5'11" +, flexible, N]$, social drinker. Ad# 1638 ACTIVE ATIRAC'gVE SW,64. NtS. ISO SWM, GOt NS, who esf wtd Vd Menr.hamr aa.Ad# 3127 tOVARUE Funny, spontaneous, well-lik SWF. 34. S mum. 5'4", brown hair/eyes, ler IS0 SM, 2842. NtS. romanic, hanast, enes o'Hriedad. Friend= first. AM 2298 C,J.M£I ktUestlye P,48, vl i,l.ebenm IS01, n ucat. loT.el man. ready  a Ifeime ot cadnG €omPS-- A 4407 TOeMI¢ lrOaRl(7 SWE, 33, Sro, dot hai' ISO Idrd. =miw. NR.leyd, rmtemir, dd- f=thiod SWM, 30`39, who ibm ddd If 1685 MiTEISE INTELLJGEi SWF, 43, s mur L ferny, pdooe wan-mud, good  ISO SM, 36.50, N/S,  int adwmmL Klacc.  to gh. AeX 2469 ISTNISYOU? SWF. 32. Sesks SWM. 3040, who's en aH-breand good guy. A 3276 LDSI FURBELOVED Slendm, attractive, opMml OJF, mum. 39. SQuirinG. oucc4mhd P, to shsee swaot tmesum of llf. Ad# 4679 IS IT YOU? SWF, 25, 5"8", 1251bs. seebk R sensitive SWM. 27.37. spontaneous, ro- mantic, heightiweight enknportent, to henu sot with- iCids Okoyl AcL¢ 1977 6ET TO KNOW ME SWF, 31, Mea-e'd bleed, spam-ednded, wit h varied intenuts. ISQ D/SWM, 26`34. height,,0ht pmpartinta henmL mmwamw, h a gond panun- ality. Ad# 3342 ARE YOU OUT THERE? SWF, 28, fun, apomermm, at.,nm, onorgel dep ISO D/,MA, 24-40, hob=t, cark, dopsed, spontonaom, and fun. A 3616 SEE FOR YOURSELF Affra¢liue SB, 97, SPOO, enorgeti¢. t(19. I D/M, 35.45, intlegL fit. honest, sinnato, Riunteneous, 1o€   AOOUT TO GIVEUP SWF.mur 20, goedllmmr. Lkes v.k wn rno leo S, cd, 6L pessonab nioz.ibeki inyaL senahi, r,anG SWM, 24-29. Ad 4677 OUTOGORPERSONI Spontaneous. inmT0genL 9raat paendity. SWF, 34. 5'2". 1451bs., Mow'n h/e chlkm mn omz. Sk9 WM. 34-40, n henL hoof workes, enioYz [n,nG  A 4678 l i  H Hispanic N/O Non.drinker F Femate NA Native P Professio American A As LTI L ol.-te Wlowed j Jmush relatosp Black C Christian O Duble dater White N/$ Nard-smoker y yaluns, pug'bin LTR, Ad# 4404 ....... VErlAI MOM ,rdomm.AM ARE YOU THE ONE? 33. mot her, omoEer, enjoys Irionds. movzes, aruk0 00L end e SO 0/SWM, 3342, tic, sensiSv cesule dating. Ad# 2430 ]] OGMANTIC MOM4FArs Thso mnslti,rsoti, ite SWF, 32, muti, $, enioy omdom tivit and donciog, iS0 (}/SWM. 32-38, romantic, raliable, and commt- meor-n. Ad# 3767 TIRE(} OF GAMESl SWF, 35, godo-lonkir motto, i. enjoys the ontdoors, mov the arts, aSen. rock . Seeking D/SM, 30-50, I'S, intoIrL ombiteas, commdmentninddo. AM 2749 FEMALE SEERING MALE A ttractive  HF, vm el ieras. Seeks WPM, 45. 55, tail, hand. some, educated, to share good times, travel and gum. Ad# 4674 CAN YOU HANDLE "I7 Honest, shy SWF, 36, 5'2", t 18LSS. ISD rorrmntic, honest, fon-(ovlng SWM, under 48, NIS, to teach mo to love end mist agsin. AdN 3648 WAITING FOR YOU 0utgom 9, sensitive SWF, 22, tufl-fig eoys munrr, mus,,c, henGing out, SHARE THE GOOD LIFE WWWF, yonng 70. 5', sotgoi ectlee. Enloysllna donck bowSng, msom, 9ordsle rnom. ISO ked WW/O/SWM, 65-74. honest, indopadomL ibtorests. Mese. Ad# 4576 LOVES TO HAVE FUN SWF, 29, blend, hazel-eyed, 5'9", enjoys travel, dancing, dinin G. movies, country music, softbafl, IS0 compatible SWM, 27-38, S. Ad# 2800 EXPLINE POSSINILITES SWPF. 40.5'2", enjoys matorcycids, exercising, wdiks, reading, moulds, cenvetsetion, weekend adventutes. Seeking D//PM, 3545, to share time and space with. AM 1923 WARM AFFECTIONATE Cendid SW. nshor, 5'6". nesq bwn-Wed, sobum hak. Enjpys gull. veileyblel, dao mows, comlung. ISO SWM, 40-57, honast, sincere, mo- nnGamous. Ad# 3238 PASSION FOR LIFE SWF, 40, orneker, 5'2", hazdi-oyed brunette, enjoys working out. walking, movm,anghinG.IS(} OtSWPM, 35-45, for intellgont conversation, weekend advt uras. Ad# 1435 HAND IN HAND Frioedly SWF. 29. a gond retorter, enloyS ,seftbi. ibr wadis, trsveg. Seeking SWM, 27.38. NtS. Ad# 2331 CqEWER t SWPF, 36. advents, e,pys inteilgent one tior'l r  tic 0J 6WM, 25.55, N/S, for friendship, possible LTR. Ad# 2460 SINGLE MUM 5WF, 29, 5' 10", blond hair, hazel.eyed, en)oys country music, sports, the ontora, conki conversation, end muvies. ISO SWM, 2838, N/S. Ad# dining sot. movies, ISO SWM, 22.28, N/S. with sirner interests. AM 1744 CONCORD AREA Attrac DWF, 39. 5'7". erue in humor, durr esen rdrhia end matacycJirlg. L0 heedso, taft, ST.nora. lm-lovin honoat 0WM, for fhendship. Ad# 4397 GIVE IT A SHOT SWF, 44. 5'5", enpys outdoor ecttibs, dkd, doncg, and BinGo. IS0 DI SWM, 38-52, honest, caring, arrloyed, considesato, a good listenm. Ad# 1369 ANYBO(}Y OG T THERE? SWF, 33, h/end hair. hue eyes, one chad. Looking for eWM, 3343, for f dendship Ad#4670 CASUAL DATE SWF. 31, intelSgoot, wan, rae, smoker, no kid,s, enpys  mourn, play computers. 160 SWM. 3141, onlbttious, ondorst onrm good coron- nicator. A3778 MOONLIGHT AN(} YOU SWF, 51, Seeks WM. 48-59, handsome, sensuous, cennG, commucative. possesses intelligence, personardy, d)th of character, for fdsedshiplmtation- ship. Far River. MA. Ad# 4588 FIIST TIME AD DWF, IS, 49, essygotng, affentinnate. Enjmfs how dor variety of music, and watching the sun seise by the ocean. Ad 4393 SHOW ME THE TOWN Fon-invio9 SWF, 27, 5'5", 105ibs., blue-eyed blond, NI6, enlpyS the outdoors, exercisi, and dancing. IS0 enteneous, apyentorous SM. 25-35, Ird. ship, and more. Ad# 1655 WALK TH,OUGH LIFE 5WF. 56, 5'7". attractive, oner0etic, sociable. NS, enjoys the outdoors, movies, and dewig. Seeking D/SWM, 49 +. wamrted, tetat, for fhend, ship, possibly more. Ad# 1853 1108 ENDMY SH Honest, warm-hearted SWCF. 39, 5'5", mother, enjoys dancing, outdoors. hikk t raveSng. Sashing lon4y.enontod D/SWM, 37-45, N/S, for triendship, possibib LTR. Ad# 1513 'L A srws bring May flowers. This is your second due to wm $ 500. HOLIEST NURSE 9utgom9 0WPF, 47, N, N/O, eolpys  long walks, beaches, tS9 SWM, 38-54, smoker ok oy, no games, henasty a definite must. Ad# 4108 SEAIlCHa WF, 18, patitn, s.owmoleEn hOrSeback riot. hkino Ilr,m. iS0 SWM. 19- 23, similar interests. Must he wilting to cuddin. Possible LT R. Ad# 4201 ENJOY LiFE TOGETHER European SWF, 40S, successful, attractive, active, warm, |ornina, appmci- atos nature, travel. IS0 smnate gont kmon, tot friendship, possibty more. Ad# 4387 SEEKING NICE GUY SWF. 30, brown hair/eyes, professionagy employed, seekin 9 SWM, 29., s/ecore and funny, far gooit fdohip. Ad# 4486 FRIENDSHIP TO START F, 25, t, , t ys t r Wn onimats.IS0 01 SM. 2328, toN. wefl-but, outgoing, drug-free, N/0. For friendship first. A6# 4104 SWF, 40, 5'7 ", br';et to. sSm, 9ond-look io 9, oves pets, and the out doors, Hafleys, 5ve music. IS0 caring, 9ondJooking, togothor 6W M. Ad 4105 BE MY TEDDYBEAR OWF. 45, positive, honest, sensitive, likes movies, and theater. IS0 WM, 49- 57, 5' 11" +. 2GoIbs. *, gentle, happy, exciting, fun, positive, secure+ Ad# 2371 and win $ 500 in cash! H,. SWM, 37, 5'5", 1601bs., N/D. likes sports, bowll dining eat, mck.n-rok, muvins. Seeks D/SWF, 26.36. 5'2"-5'4", 100.1201bo, flL attrantlee, happy. Ad# 2022 AOGOGCAT Easygoing SWM, 40,1GOIbs., saw.dye, considerate, happy-gO-lucky. Likes rshing, shi'mg, chibt Sonks thought fd, Ideal, cunsklerato SW F, 35-45. simiim interests. Ad 3590 DROP MIE A LINE SWPM. 42, 5' 11 ", hmmt. sincaes, dapple. Enjoys outdoor activities, concerts, videos, quiet even. Seeks D/SBF, attractive, hent, w;t ty. ew ecgetic. Ad# 2640 FALI, JIIIG IN L OVE SWM, 32, 5' 10". 180Pas.. S dad. smoker, orWYS dancing, NASCAR, camp- inG. hking. IS0 SWF, 21.35, dendor, kids ok, fheedsh, possibly mare. Ad# 3848 DOIPT BE NERVOUS Romanic. hena$t SWM. 41, 5' 11 ". 1751bs,. hesdwork 0, enjoys outdoors. dining, mov;.es, wdSn9 paetry, cenkibg. ISO srm SWF. 31AQ, for dating. Ad# 1158 SEEKING SPECIAL LAOY Gnarl.looking SWM, 20, 5'9", ezys dmibg, muvms, hanging sot with friends. IS0 ST, 18.28, for friendship, possible LTR. Ad# 1692 EOUCATEO Uni easygoing SWPM, 38, 5'8", romentic.likes movies, f #nng. slow dancing, traveling, ISO SF, 21-60, N/S, with skthtar interests. Ad# 3570 START HERE Spentormeus SWM, 20, eqoys time with friends.IS0 attractive SF, 18 +, with great sense of humor. Ad# 2269 F(}LLOFPEP Humorous, erget;c SWM. 57, enfoys hiking, walks, crass-country sknG. nature.  flea markets, trav, ISO thoughtfd, cor 0, kind SWF, 49.56, N/S. Ad# 1031 FNENOG TO START SWM. 38, fi'4", senshiue, underst souse 9, dspandent. Likes hewling, dining out. tishinG, walks. Ing drY. Seebs 0F. 35-45, underst ending, warm- hearted, (m 9. A 2029 LETS ENJOY LIFE SWM, 37, dark Mown he#, muetochunpys sotdoors, bowfg, dm9. msoins, baseball ISD fiL attractive SWF, 29-34, for possible LTR. Ad# 3967 BEEKRIG SPECIAL LADY tntofllent, humorsos SAPM. 26, oroys t cssmos, dining out. movies. ISD SWF, 16.30, with dmta mtemts, for h4ship, maybe more. Ad# 3304 HONEST AND ROMANTIC Cenng. educated, act, fit DWM, yonnG 50, 5'9",inves hdng, hikin sk;tng gtar...eks trY, attractive, fit lady, 35 +, LTR. Ad# 4606 LOVE AND AFFECTION Maine SWM, 55, 6', 2201bs. ISO sam SF, 40-55, N/S. who loves life and hersdf, to he my soubnato forever. Ad# 2451 AOVENTOROUS SOUL SWM. 35. brawn.heited, blnad, fit. good-ibeking, enjoys water sports. skog, fishinG, fomf, ISO SF, 2536, S. adveor oresmm, tor;ly.aribnted, with morals. A 2952 ATT WOOUSTOVE Can't live without it, Yon raSpa tO ed#4399, "[x ! a Mcacin', forgot to leave phone number. Pidewa respond to this ad. Ad# 4605 WNTS SWM, 27, m'mkor, onFfs daonir, qoidt tarnas, tiSh rac.  I,) honest, coring SF. 21131, w*s inoking tO Settle down. Ad# 2625 NEWS BRERN Wife Ebarateb. left 45yr. old Aq man with pockago deal IS0 WF, who's down-t Hmth, humorous, vetied letorsto, for componionship/cuddlng. Your package wetcorna. Ad 2624 SUMMERTIME IS NEAR Let's shoe hot sorornar dsys id coo nigMs. SWM, 40. omoke¢, dork he, red , hazal-pyed, mustache, IS0 SWF. 3042, for friendship, passible LTR. Ad# 2853 MIDDLE EASTERN GENT Easygom 0. funny SAPM, 26, enjoys travel, den haochen, movies. ISO 5F. 16.30, for friendship, maybe more. Ad# 2787 DO I INTEREST YOU? SWM, 50. 5'10", colegoted, loves outdoors, bicyclf walks, cull=at ovonts, movies. Sez ecl, fit DiSF. 33-52, N/S. irdlellg attractive. LTR. Ad# 3976 riMING ANOCHEMISTHY SWM, 39. w'.-bui uedtso¢ serdtlve, eqpys waik muueums. Tony. ida. rogershotin9, conversation. Seeks D/SF, 1845, with similar intwas qunhties. Mu=t EV.e ch Ad# 3235 SOUTH NH IN NORTH MA SWM, 52. 5'10", 10ms hikg, bldnG, connang, ardmats, morn. Souks attrac. tire. feminine F, 35-55,1or ffkmdship and romance. Rune open. Ad# 4876 CONCORD LAKES REGION WM, 38, totally man.ISO attractive, woman, to btuld a ftore with, sense of humor a must. nature lover a p. A 4603 FUN AND FRIENDSHIP Gondlonkmg SWM, 18, eqoy sotdoom, suds. beaches, hanging sol music. IS{] SWF, 18-21. with s interests, for friodship. Ad# 2196 LETS HAVE FUN Cenng, honest SWM, 29, entoys eatdoors, doocin 9. sports, buntinG, fishinG, con. ISO St. 16.34, Siml i ort S, for f rendchip, maybe more. Ad# 1096 ATrENTWE SBM. 6'2". 196ibs., enys musk:, movies, dm 9 out. iSO carw sensitive, full-figured F, for muanGtl rataponship. A 4602 G TO MEET YOU E= sso. me;ve SWM.:36, s nmre. 8mmm, le. theator. campinG, beach wets, IS0 ST, 25-35, S, with similar intms=t Ad# 393 t YOGN HIND OF GUY Carin 9, kL.)d-haar|ed, suppo SWM, 23, 5'11 ". enioys $, clubs. cenuerts, raeding, the midl. ISU compalible SF, 21.25, N/S. Ad# 1468 NERVOGS? ME TOOt SWM, 44. omokm, JS0  -  SWF, eoys ossinG, short trips, going out.enovibs. Cleldnm okay, Frionds tint. AdS 2021 AVAJ SWM. 4Z boks/at;,tudomuch Wung,into  nn,toin  TOU Xwon Do, seeks SWF, 25.35. din. attntMk active, phys"f fie LTR. Ad# 4874 TALLHUG6ABLE DAD 5WM. 28, 6'6 ", browo hair, Fnarpyad. loves sports, murks, d,ng ou. ISO DISWF, 2335, intell senive, corlng, similar tenest. Fribodship, LTR. Ad# 4875 EXPERIENCE LIFEI SWM, 36, cenng,  funny, ogds,lSO ST, 24-36,1kVS, outdoy, fun- Iovurg. ant. ndventomus. Ad# 3935 SOMEONE LIKE YOG SWM, 36, 6', 1701be.. fathm, omokw, enipys wz.s, odoors, opals, frishen , bicyc,tinG . Seek S, sincere SWF. 18.45. with sirlelar inteats. Ad# 3086 KEEPIT SIMPLE Rornamic SliM, 25, smoker, enys  rungs. Seebs y0om SWF, to spand tkna with. Ad# 3610 LET'S HANG OUT SWM, 21, enjoys readinG, movios, aR Types rrnmc, coukmg.ISO SWF. 16.24, nce, average 9di, otorous, es to I AM 4600 TO BE IMTH YOU Horvt DWM, 45, enjoys dencin 9, q evenings , movies, church, weekend gotawpys. Se#xs 0/SWF, 38 +, N/S,  drkor. Fneebip, pa LTR. Ad# 1140 LIFE IS BEST SHARED Adveaturous SWM, 36, 5'8", 1701be. coring, honasL ramentic, enjoys out- doors, moves, spats, quiet ibnss, trav9.Seaks D/SWF, 29-36, N/S. Ad# 1127 rLLMAKEYOG SMILE Arabic SM, 28, N/S, educorad bosineuTmn, eoys rnovibs, the head dsnc in 9, very easygoinG. 160 honest, sexy, fun WF, 19-30, for dotinG.  rdiationah.. Ad# 401 TYPICAL AVIEABE OUY WM, 54. seH-empleyad. I$0 WF, 45-51, N, for fun. dencibg, f,.ouds end nchmore, for, passib LTR.Adt 1152 LET'S GET TO6ETHER WM, 25, attsec6ve, tal. i0mwn hairbyes, fuo, I$Q F, 25.45. tall 5m, T fmts, r t  L TA. 1109 rLL TREATYOU RINT SHM, 25. SNks romantic SWF. for fHendsSip, goaslble LTR. Ad# 1470 HORSEMAN SEEKS MATE SWM, 43, 6' 1 ". dud( heir. ibv herban dd travel, rm,, ,ebing WF, 25-37. for LTR, possible marriage and ldren. Ad#4871 GOULOTRISBE YGU? Sapwatad WPM. 42, adocmd,  ew doer mtorw  c Seeks cornpztibid DtSWF. "20-35, for rebitioezldp. Ad# 2154 CALL FORDETAR,S SWM, 44, romantic, senai(}ve, woulmr, varied immts- Se SHF. 18"25, sexy, for fridndship, paesibty rr, me. A 3135 AWAIITNG YOUR CALL E esygoinG, ibvin0 SHM, 35, 6', ikes denci'ng, walks °n the bech, enimuls , muvk. Seeks D/SL humorous, simms interests.  331D COMMITMENT WANTED  f un-lm/ lamilY-odwntad, gnad4ookib0 SWM. 48. omokor, 6'. 2001, trimmed bout ache, enjoys outdoors, NASCAR, boating, ISO fun-ibvinG, outdom'sy SF. 2848.  !059 MALE SEEKS FEMALE OWM, 40, 6' I ", 1701bs. seeks woman who wonts to be happy. Be open. worship boauty, toke risks nacessory for llving. Adg 4870 ONE CAU. DOES IT ALL SWM. 36, omek, es tavet, outdoor ctivit, rr, ov. dn 9, nentic esenin.Seeks competiSle DIST. Ad# 1613 LET'STALKI Sm. attractive, slim guy, I tn-Nr, mr.en, plays Irh trSar music, ai n. Sk9 epen.n'ind, NS. F. 20`30. multi.culturalimorto. Ad 4787 OUITN)ON AoVIaNTliNE SWM, 26, 5' 11 ", 16QIbs, brown hair, higH,lid, phyzcafly fit, eoys ll outdoor activities. Leakin 9 for same in SWF. 20-30, for LTR. Ad# 4788 Check oul our personals column and look for the signs of Spring! lick week we'll print e clue, for o total of 3 clues. (hint: they'll be sabre and sweet and a liflle dis(reel) Jug €l tSem oil oul and mail them to the oddress listed below. All entries mosl be post marked by May 1, 1998. You must phce o free ad to be eligible. Place your flee ad below. qory. Heoa Name WHISPER IN THE WIND Sensitive, cennG SWF. 36. IS0 SWM, 35..45. who enjoys pa, rainy pays, paocmg, cudoling, quibt aSenors, for fun end romence. Ad# 1154 LOVINGAND LOYAL Antacid. thef OWF. 36, zm's qm/tree tethes, m =part evento, coocmls, nighto in. ISO art ractive, secure SWM, 36.4, couellient. minded. Ad# 3639 INTELLk2ENT Creative, affrontS, athletic SWF. 31, mum. 5'4",enjoys  hlkkl, bng, ISO sedtisoz, foupy, vtty, intoligem SWM, 2942. 5'9" +, N/S. Ad# 3643 A ttrantive SWF. 48. indapendonL enOys cennair travldinG, movies. IS0 romantic SWM, 42.57. N/S, with sense of humor. Ad 3206 OCEAN DWELLER Attracti, slim 0WPF. enorgetic, creature, NS, humorous, must, dscinG. travel NYC, nnG, ocean. ISO attror:th=e,  stebin SM, sinar intof eats. AM 4585 IT'S UP TO YOU NOW SWF, 6Z 5'4", 1121bs,, spentemeorL cennG, enjoys the denrs, gmkg eat, drives, fine markets. IS0 SWM, N/S, for L TR. Ad# 2155 LO(X(RIG HIGH AND LOW SWF, 37, ForM. T. onjoys pancinG, bow¢ NASCAP,. a movibs. IS0 at raightlouerd, heaeat SWM, 26-35, 5VS. Ad 3246 NEW TO THE ADS 30, NIS, for companionship, peaslbib lldimlship. Ad 3373 ATTRA FEISTY 0esat senae of bornar. ISQ men, with sk'nike.goalties. Ad# 4306 WHrdE ARE TOU? ISO WM, variedintmests, music, mue romunc pna, pets. eeaWoif, fiox,e, sena, and fun, for SWF, 38. Let's t. Ad# 4302 BEEKS ADVENTU Podtive, cafnG SWPF. SG. NtS, edrs, travd, a#tmntu rorwsoos, good commatle Skz bdghL dopaada O/SWM, thr , lanGhtm., and wesmth. Ad/4304 A TT 11011: Jl You n'.pendad to #d#6420 "Live W''. tha was a probibrn with your court madox numbor, pibm ntspoud to thib ad. Ad# 4200 NEWTO Od(NiO SWF, 18, 5'4", mdter, blUHV Nend. 60 sot0o0, apen SM, 10.30. for dot F.m dr=, dar, me=tin V,, the  Ad# 30 rM BEAOV, AlE YOIIT Cesi SWh 42. omekor, enjoys mould=, tbe sotdoor res9, music. ISO tomun, honaSL coting SWM, 38-44. for goskty rtioibip. Ad# 1738 F.NJOY OUOU 11M&S plays, movies, qat eveninGs.ISD OtSWM. 38-47, sinlar intemts. Ad# 3561 LOOIORGFOR LOVE SWF, 64. who v dg, w9, P mudt ceakir nV.9, Ort Snakn SWK 60.65, WS, ii mii u, Corx:om .// 4294 SWEEP ME OFF MY FEET SWF, t8, 5'3", 961. blend, now to Ilee om L tru@s,  . music.lSD SM, 10.30, spontaneous, adventurous, eccentric. Ad# 1313 FIRST TIME AD OWF, 41, bend, 5'2", smoker, sod' nkar. Enop car, the arts, sotds= c a.ondommr Frin slp, pos LTR. Ad# 4575 fme( I il to: ng Fever, P.O. Box 408, (]ktowogo, NY 14225 Ext, 176  COULDITSEYOU? WF, 45. IS0 WM, 55-65, 5'11"-6", 145-20Obs. thin, fun-loving, social drinker/omoker, for a smous, committed LTR. Ad 1880 MORE THAN FRIENDS IS0 WM, 43-60, N/S. Ion. hurnareas, honest, sheller interests. Ad# 2512 COfEO PKSSKINATE SWPF. 49, attractive, fit, ounce, S. ISO SWM. 44-56. N/S. trustworthy. loyal aware, rmous tunny, successful, sensiti, tundra. Lebanon area. Ad//3037 STARRY ST NIOIIT tiltolligenL cative, pretty SWF, 44, eoys e outdoors, did R eel rna. IS0 kind. entio, hunest SM, 38-4,4, NiS, fdtds first, more? Ad# 1449 BREAKING THE ICE SWF, 48, fun-inving, down-to-naT th. Ikes 9 muthat s, counth,/wentorn done. ing, ice fhidg, horseback rng. Seeks D/SWM, 45-55, renw, ntic, potona- ous, church gear. Ad# 2183 BUBBLy SWF, 18,ilkes bis, the boenl spor cur roam. hor wi frioeds, Ssoks SWM, 18-23. similar intemsto, 1or possible LTR. A@ 3334 WILLING TO TRAVEL D, 4. eaventorm, o zed gd-hemdo. IS0 BM, 38.fi0, k. pandonL self-sufficenL for fheed=lp, pasb LTR. Ad# 2323 ORINt,X OWF. 33, 5"7", mum aen,,e, ecti, m,,'vdi0hL indendent, ib funny. ISO SWM, 31.43. N/S, confidant, intoigenL urdque, honest, hi dsd, goai.odentod. Ad# 1367 WHERE'S MY SWEETHEART? Dmun-to..lh OWM. 32, 6'1",  honest, mmenlic, sffectibnate, ays golf, outdoors, wsiks, movies. SoMs D/SWF. 26-35, hi0ht/woight ppote, hermL cadn0. Ad# 1330 SOMEONE YOU CAN Count enl Hmest, ibyal SWM, 23, w|jeys sports, mtdenrs, dng. Sezks SF, 16.25, for Idendsip, peasibb LTR. Adill' 1153 LET'S CONECT SWM, 45, entthustic, theaght ogo bont, vndibtora=ts. ISO (}ISF, down-tHigh, for fHesdsp.Ad 2412 LEAVE A MESSABE SWM, 40, h oyen, enjoYS countrf esd wtarn nn'c, dsndr, nG ouL nlOVles. Sws compatibib F. 3340. Ad 1938 ALL.AMERICAN RIRI.SI SWM, 28, NIS. ISO paSto, cutL f#4eatY. 5"5'5", fSrt ak NAnd S WF, 19- GO, f or possi'de ralationahip. AdR 1271 HONESTY IS BE SWM, 43, N/S, 5"11".185b. ds bnd, bk. athSc, ISO conk pai mmcz, do-to'd SWF, und 43. NIS, Lmz¢awd nL Adl 1703 COOLOTHIS BEYOU? inG. Likes tresd, wador, Ion9 dras. Souks O/SWF, 35-46, 5'4" +, dmitar qut.Ad# 2587 DgOPM A LINE H yso am e sexy, adverdumus, fun SWF, 26`38, this SWM, 36, isibokinG for you. A 3561 ATTRACTIVE SWM, 34. 5'11", 1551bs., brm.ue hibyes, chdines, omshec, enlOyS iompm9 fit, peaches, dining, bowlin 9. ISO SF. Friendship, poasibin LTR. Ad# 2463 PISL SWM, 28. smokor, end, s penp watcng, muffing, inteagent comorseti. ISO sensitive SWF, 24-33. Friendship, pnasiSid LTR. Ad# 1039 ABE YOU OUT THERE? Attractive SBM. 26.150 SF, 23-29, N/S. Friendship, possible LTR. AM 2516 SEENINGSOULMATE DWCM, 41.5' 11 ". 1751bs.. smokor, enjoys outdoor ectivitios, cnakm 9. 9a- doleng, cecnputors, church. IS0 SWCF, 1.37, petite, skniior ibteraste. Ad# 2718 ALWAYS A CHANCE SWM, 31, 5'6", oflentinaate, sen=flee, kind. healthy. NID, dtug-fmu. Likes c helerm9 hands. Seeks SWF, 16.25, sexy. sl. for friendship. Ad 3165 WHATSUP? SWM. 16. 6'3". 175s ontgoing, funny, fun to he wh.IS0 SWF, 18.20, zve, , fdondy, T, sher. Fr,  r. Ad 4599 FRIENDSHIP N' DATING Attra¢ve. affwna Em.eyad SWM, 31, 5"6", omokor, N/D ond fre ISD pretty, slender and sexy, lun4ovinG SF, any race, 18-29. Ad# 2629 COMPLETE GENTLEMAN Active SWM, 21, brown bek/eps, ys sports, co,ms, spending quality time. IS0 sensitve, wdibmnaered SWF, 21.25, lot LT6. d# 4784 LET'S TALN SOUN SWM, 3 7, 5"5", O'w ca¢ Erm's basebd, he, mo dnng eoL conversation. Seeks O/SWF, 27.35, fit, attractive, s[lar interests. Ad# 2692 LIFELONG PARTNER SBM. 33, fun, seT,tire, cent0. naed. Uk wS, cec ronm: oven#'gs, drain0. ISO orrmtibin SWF, 26.31, apen.=kd, mntwy, f or LTR, Ad# 3929 AWAITING YOUR CALL (}WM, 50. tinencie41y stable. ISD D/ST, 3045, opan.miodod, f on-lovinG, tar LTR. 4M 2030 DATING FIRST SWM, 53, klds at heine, enjoys douclng, hav9 ton, sotdoors. ISD SF. 46-54. for lenip. Oessbe LTg. Ad# 1660 PHYSICALLY FIT S guy ,38.5'7", 1801be. German/Italian, black heir. brawn ayes, former P mode/from 1978-63, works out a gym 6-10hra. weekly. Ad# 4782 . ARE YOU HER? SWM. 40, 5'7", 14Oll)s., gmeo pyes, brown heir. Seeks spaniel friblship one that turns into somethibg more. Ad# 4781 T ABE A CHANCE( SWM, 39. Seeks 0/SF, 28.49, N/S, for friendship, possible LTR. A 1730 SHORT AND SWEET SWM, 36. smokor. Seeks ST, 18.35, for friendship, pessiNa LTR. Ad# 2988 LIVE IN THE MOMENT SWM. 4 I, epys mowes, quibt es'engs, outdoors, exarosing, nonln. Seeks honest SF. 1844, N/S, to spend time with. No excess bo99ago. Ad# 2001 Of VORCED WHITE MALE Forty-three, 5'11", 1851bs. athibtic, affectionate, sentonentaL N/D. /S. Enjoys tenrs, golf, movies, scrabble, and much more. Seeking corunttmonl. rnindod F, 33-45. no dependentS. Ad# 4595 FUTURE ASPIRATNINS SWM, 22, 5'9", 125tbo. Ies sports cars. outdoor activities, ISD SWF, 2 I-27, cenng, honest, fay-ormntod, for LTR. Ad# 3786 ONE STEP AT A TIME SBPM. 50. 6'. 2251bs,. heidthy. Les mu. dinir doci wed ont.ISQ D/S F, 30-45, for friendship, pessibin relationship. Ad# 3277 LET'S TALK SUQ4N SWM, 44. thonGhtful.  Io, vemd interasts. 5low th e m. Seskz D! ST, doram-t o-ear th, 9oo11 coorurrsetibnaSst. 1or ftiibd. Ad# 1202 SEIEKSSOGLMME 0WCM, 41, 5'11". 175bs.. herdvir physlcaf  mjoys sotdo es:. tk. computers. Seeks O/SWCF, 31 38. petite,  sib. Kids ok. Ad# 2389 LET'S HANG OUT SWM, 20, 6', 1911bs. Likes working ont. sotdunr entivitios, sports, partyk19. Seeks cenpatibib SWF, 18-21.5'.5'7", binHyed, blond, tennad, sensitive. Ad 3250 NOW'S THE TIMtE SWM, 49. self-ompinyed, en.pys t be out doors, tt sve[mg, do0s. Soaks tampa t . ibid D/SWF, 33.45, admtumus. Ad# 3873 LIFE STARTS AT FONTY DWPM. 40. 5"8". 1751bo.. intdiSgoor, sensitive, siocom, honest. EVS. Likes dencibg. qing. romance, movies, camping, fitness.S compatible DSF. 25-38. Ad# 3982 WOMAN WANTED BM, 6', 2101ds., 45, seebs F, pes4"-shapad Tore prallbrmd, for compardonahip, possible LTR. Ad# 4591 MAKE MY HEART RACE SWM, 26, 6', 1S0ibs.,easygoing, smake, enlpys outdoors, stock car racn country rouac. Sxs6WF. 23-29. cow-typ with sider inmtz. AN/ 1408 MATTERS OF THE HEART Romantic, affectionate SWM, 31, iovin 9, eoys sports, toisien, widks. movies. Sesks ibvin kind SF, attranthm, honest, 1or findship, peasle LTR. Ad# 1117 LET'S GET TOGETHER SBM, 29, 5'9", 2201b. shunt , smaker. Seebs kind-hnattad, intolligent SF, 23-35, race ummdortent, for tribodship, possible LTR. Ad# 2938 STARTING OVER DWM, 27. N/S. 5'8", muem-b 17gabs., enjoys travel muvibs, cennarts, s, bersehesh ddim0.1SO similar SWT, ondor GO, for tdendoship. AcL# 3386 DOVWt-TO.EARTH? SNAM, 27, sojoys 8m outdoors, campin0, Iqdn0 sod Fe4in0. Lonkin9 for aamenz f rinedship. W'd answer al cai4L Ad4778 STOP LOGIONG 51M, 45, enloys hunlb fi.n carnpi ISO , oreS/30s, bleed, ies 19 fun, outdoors, lot retionahip. Ad# 4779 ARE YOU OUT THERE? SWM, 25. 8'. 1501bs. dark brovvrt h. hazel eye, eys outdoors, dink movies, tSO SWF, 23.29, for otinnahip. Ad//2903 DO YOU BELIEVE? Handsome 0WPM, 32, to Dive ad rensive oulotibn, pe, comsion, desire, ibve end tulTdimunt. ISO SWF, 26-34, lror belief s. Ad# 4777 BE MY COMPANION DWM,  N/S, 5'8", 1701bs, enjoys troveL movios, horck riWm6. ISO carkibyal SF. N/S, for conver*.4d. Friendship. possible LTR. Ad# t556 ARE YOU THE ONE? SWM,, tS.ysd@igeat.ISOSF, un32,N/S.. passilde LTR. Ad# 2623 ALLYOURS A rt 5re SWM. smuker, en, pys dini out. . ISO SWF, undor 26. wr interIs. Ad# 1484 BE SHAVE ANDC,LL Attractive SWM. 30, 5'7", T 80ibs. N/, eroys travel, movibs, nlc. intlegeot SWF, 20-30. FLckip, passible LTR. Ad# 1959 BE MY LADY SWM, 55, chidioss. 5VS, ewys outdoors. ISO SBF. futl-frad, 45-65. Ad# 1606 SEARCHING FOR FUN Good.looking SWM. 40. 5' 10", optimistic, efoys travet, music, concerts, sports.ISO honest SWF. 25-40, for fun and febip. Ad# 4776 ENJOYS LIFE DWM, 49, enoys hike9, esa..g v thonGNfu end sive. ISO . 35` 55, attractive, tall, 1or hibndebip md edadibnahip: Ad# 4772 , GENUINE NICE GUY Sdontouou SWM, 35, 5'4", enjoys sports, raadin9, willing to learn nw lgs.ISOcad kiISWF.25.37 with inl.rintmltts. AM4774 NICE ITALIAN GUy haqim9 out. ciui fro. meqeSc, cad. 5unapt SF. 16.21. Ad//4770 Ci'iTRAL MAS Atles6vo SWM. 38, 5"9". b hbir/eyea, physiceby 5t, eesyg,nG por . Er, im'= wmt out, de.d, sking, men.t i. iS0 aWE similar intoreat¢ Ad# 4771 SEEKS COMPAINONSUIP Gsod-natored, generoas SWM. 30. enjoys sports, outdsors, ISO D/SWF, endor 35, kind. sweet, for companionship. Ad 2936 HARRYSEEKSSALLY DWM, 40, 6', brown h@, blue eyes, loves lanGhtar, ibnin 0 in/out, ocoen. csokea Idd borays.Ssoks n D,32.45. fun4ow LT& Wortmer. Mass. A 4689 SINGLE AND LONELY SM. 48, 5'11 ", 172ibs.. g4oukib 9 with blond hair, bhie/Tsy eyes, H.S. custodian. Ukes beaches, bike ddin malls, ovibs, walking. AM 4687 IF THIS IS YOU. CALL S6M, 27. eroys rno.A d ore, sle d9. acc ng, ISO SF, 22-33. with simlor ibtorests. Ad 2304 CAN U MANE ME HAPPY? Fun SWM. 28, ewoys thmclng, hooch was, mmenSe ovengs. ISO mble, caring, honest, furl romantic SF, N/S, Araceunimportsnt.AM 1626 GREAT CATCH SWM,5'9", 1651bs physiba  h Itd4aAmBicm 34. adcsed. rn o6tdom, n Souking w mntomo F, undsr 36,int uwday  AM 4ss5 NO SAITJRDAYSALONE Vwy SCe WM, 6'; 240., 'zor, Occasional ddrd, likes golf.long ws, goad co. Skin9 wire.homed, doudar DWF, 35-50. pas- s, ndsdoup. AM 4S3 ION6 WANTSPRINCESS SM. 5' 7", kibdihaarted, brown hinT/eyes. Enjoys cookid music, travebn 9, romaoce, dancinG and morL Seebs n SF, race.go open. FOr LTR. Ad# 4684 I I J For Customer Service, I I ca,, 716:634-7849 I . 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